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02/01/2015 10:01

Prestige values national and international medals and decorations


Prémio "Prestigio Ouro" no Concurso Internacional de Azeite "6º Concurso Internacional de Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen - OLIVINUS 2012", Argentina

The oil Nut of Murça was in the year 2014, distinguished in three of the most important international contests of oils, with a gold medal at the prestigious international contest "2014 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Comptition, E.U.A us., a Prestige Gold Medal in the international competition "Terraolivo 2014", in Israel, and gold medal in the important Latin America contest Olivinus 2014 , in Argentina. "

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alt 2012 
Premium "Prestigio Oro" at the International Olive Oil Competition "6th International Competition of Extra Virgin
Olive Oil - Olivinus 2012," Argentina

Gold Medal at the International Competition of oil "Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Competition - TerraOlivo 2012" Israel