Queijo de cabra c/Chili - Paprika Gormet/Goat Cheese With Chili - Paprika /Fromage de chèvre avec le Chili - Paprika

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Goat Cheese With Chili - Paprika Gourmet/Fromage de chèvre avec le Chili - Paprika Gourmet/Queijo de cabra com Chili - Paprika Gourmet 1x190g

Product name: Goat Cheese With Chili - Paprika/Fromage de chèvre avec le Chili - Paprika/Queijo de cabra com Chili - Paprika

DescriptionRipened cheese from Goat, Sheep and 3 Milks Blend (Cow, Goat and Sheep), produced thinking about the most demanding and intense palate. With a format like "Stopper"120g , this cheeses are semi-hard, yellow light colored, with consistency and well-connected texture, presenting a pleasing bouquet and taste.
The maturation operates a minimum of 2 months

Ideal for appetizers and entrees.                                                                         

Available in the formats: 1x190g 
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